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Jiangsu Cheneng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Shanbei Industrial Park. The company has an experienced professional team and advanced processing capabilities, and has been focusing on the R&D, design, and manufacturing of rod end radial joints, suspension and transmission components, brake components, and other products.1-22112513214A91.jpg

The products are mainly used for the optimization and improvement of sportiness and controllability related components of vehicles (such as special vehicles such as racing, military, rescue, etc.). Joint products are widely used in industrial fields such as engineering machinery, industrial robots, automated assembly lines, light sports aircraft, solar equipment, and provide system components and solutions for customers with customized requirements.


Our products are mainly exported to developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. In recent years, the company has developed good cooperation with domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the racing industry, and the new energy vehicle parts industry. We adhere to the direction of focusing on product research and innovation, and comply with the development trend of lightweight and intelligent, continuously improving the technical performance of our products, creating value for customers.